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What Would I Do?

In the search for self discovery and enlightenment, I have often found it helpful to ponder “What Would I do?” or WWID?  That is to say, what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?  What would I do if I wasn’t worried about money?  What would I do if I could turn down the self […]

The Power of Annual Strategic Planning

Have you ever had someone say to you, “do you see what I am saying?”  It’s a silly premise, yes?  You can’t actually see what someone is saying.  Can you? What if I told you a story and used very colorful, descriptive words, and I went in to detail about what it looked and felt […]

As Plain As The Nose On Your Face

Recently, I had the oh-so-fabulous experience of enjoying the side effect of a very runny, red nose during a winter head cold.  This side effect was a delightful, large red sore on the strip of skin between my nostrils.  At first, it was just red, then it became raw, and then it bled and scabbed […]

The Princess and Her Frog

The Princess and Her Frog

The Princess and Her Frog I am blessed with 2 daughters, healthy and spirited, and diverse in their perspectives on life. One is a Tom Boy, wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, loves video games, Bakugans and Beyblades. The other is a true Princess, would wear a ballgown to school if I let her, […]