“Karen has worked with me and my team to foster greater collaboration and to hone our strategy for achieving better results. Her approach is subtle, supportive and non-threatening – we were able to delve into some nagging issues and come away with a much better understanding of work and communication styles and, ultimately, to move ahead with a unified approach. She also provided great support and guidance to me in my drive to become a better leader.”

– Tim Makinen, Director of Communications, Gift of Life Michigan

“Having been engaged in team sports of all sorts in business and competitive sports, one of the highest compliments anyone can make of a team member is this: she made everyone on the team better. After working with Karen for months on a high-stakes, high-pressure and to some, radical reorganization, the reality for me was exactly that: Karen made us all better.”

– Richard Boothman, J.D., Chief Risk Officer, University of Michigan Health System


“Karen Andrews is truly a class act. She is someone that always delivers on what she promises. She is always willing to help whenever asked and she is one of the strongest leaders I’ve ever had on all of the leadership teams I’ve worked with.”

– Gino Wickman, Creator of The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) & author of Traction:Get A Grip On Your Business, EOS Worldwide


“It has been over 10 years that I have had the pleasure of working with Karen Andrews.  We first met while serving on the Board of Directors of The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County.  During my tenure as the President of the Board, Karen served on the executive committee and facilitated our annual board retreat.  In this capacity she organized extremely effective off-site retreats where annual goals were set and team building sessions where conducted.  To her credit, the Shelter board became a very cohesive and effective board, where members understood their roles and goals.  She organized and facilitated goal setting for each board committee and evaluation.  I also depended on Karen as a colleague and advisor.  She served as a coach to the Executive Director of the Shelter, helping her with HR issues as well as strategic initiatives.  After I left the board, Karen assumed the leadership role of Board President and continued to serve as the strategic facilitator of the board as well as the leader of the board.

I called on Karen when I was the Chair of the Board of the Michigan AIDS Coalition to assist our board in a regional search for a new CEO.  In that capacity she not only assisted in writing the job description, she managed the positing of the position, vetted the resumes and helped with group interview process.  The results were excellent with a good pool of candidates identified and an excellent hire made.

In my role as Vice President of College Advancement at Washtenaw Community College and Executive Director of its Foundation I asked Karen to join our board.  In that capacity she is currently serving on the Executive Committee and chairing our strategic planning committee.  Once again she is the leader and facilitator in our annual board retreat.  We have been able to strategic set annual and  3-5 year goals that are achievable and yet require our entire board to work together.  Her team health exercises I feel have been the primary vehicle for our board to get to know each other and form friendships and business partnerships.  In fact our strategic planning sessions have gained us national recognition and last year Karen and I were asked to present on our strategic planning retreat at the Council for Resource Development national conference in Washington DC. 

In my role as Executive I recommended Karen and she was hired by the President of the College to facilitate a leadership retreat to help the new president form her executive team.  The retreat was met with great enthusiasm and resulted in a better understanding of each member’s style, strengths and skills.

I rely on Karen as a coach and advisor to assist me in strategizing when HR or governance issues arise.  She is an extremely talented leader who I would recommend enthusiastically.”

– Wendy Lawson, former Vice President, College Advancement, Washtenaw Community College




“I am thrilled to offer a few words about Karen Andrews. She is the cream of the crop with Employee Relations. She has incredible insight and skills matching the right employee to the right position. Her expertise with Team Building, Strategy and Program Implementation is unparalleled. Rarely do you encounter such a talent and I benefited immensely from our professional relationship.”

– Karen Walworth, Owner, SideStreet Travel


“Karen is a top shelf professional. She has a practiced ability to bring out the best in people both in the individual and group setting. Her leadership skills are unparalleled and she has the unique ability to make people at every level understand how important their contributions are. She understands the value of the customer, puts the customer first, and understanding that the definition of customer is fluid. We are fortunate to have such a strong leader in our community.”

– Heidi Grix, VP Fundraising/Executive Director, The Arbor Hospice Foundation


“Karen is a great business woman and a brilliant facilitator. The WCC Foundation is fortunate to have her on our board.”

– Carey Jernigan, former Chair, Washtenaw Community College Foundation


“Karen is a model executive. She is a smart business person and a great leader. Among Karen’s greatest strengths is her keen eye for talent and her ability to coax the best out of individuals and teams. Time and time again Karen is able to identify raw talent and develop talented individuals and groups into high performing executives and operating units.  I had the pleasure of working with Karen for six years. My personal and professional growth during that period was much greater than it otherwise would have been because of Karen’s guidance. For that reason alone, I wholeheartedly endorse Karen.”

– Thomas Shanabruch, Real Estate Investment Associate, McCaffery Interests


“Karen is an exceptional leader and an amazing human being. It was an honor and a privilege to work for her and I consider her mentorship invaluable. I have never met anyone so committed to organizational excellence and dedicated to helping individuals throughout the organization succeed and achieve their professional goals.  Karen extends her commitment to organizational excellence to other organizations in her dedication to serving on nonprofit boards within the community. Karen understands people and business in the most inspiring ways.”

– Karen Zanon,  Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Novodynamics


“I had the good fortune to work with Karen for nearly two years. Her professionalism, dedication, guidance and feedback were truly inspirational and I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from Karen. She is a caring human resource professional and individual who always has the time for you when you need her. Whether one on one or watching Karen lead a class, her words are captivating and inspirational and she keeps you coming back for more. All who have come into contact with Karen walk away with the same impression. I would highly recommend Karen!”

– Greg Signer, Senior Vice President, Pinnacle


“I served on the board of the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County when Karen was President. A calm and steady leader, she fostered a sense of inclusiveness and collaboration among the board members. Her strong facilitation skills ensured that our meetings were productive and our planning retreats were focused on important strategic issues. She had a profound understanding of the Shelter’s mission and operation as well as the dynamics of our volunteer board. It was a pleasure to work with Karen.”

– Jill McDonough, Director of Development, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan


“Karen has an uncanny ability to eliminate the minutia and zero in on the heart of an issue. She is an astute business partner who is always able to communicate the “big picture vision” throughout every level of an organization, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working toward a joint goal. I have worked with Karen at three different organizations: Mercy Hospital-Detroit, Henry Ford Health System and McKinley Associates, and have come to realize that her style of leadership is truly unique. She is an excellent teacher and mentor–always encouraging her staff to push forward in both their personal and worklife goals. Karen has a wealth of experience and information, and is always eager and willing to share that knowledge with others. I can truly say that I have learned more and had my career development grow exponentially as a direct result of having spent time under Karen’s tutelage. I consider myself more than fortunate for the opportunity to have worked with her, and would highly recommend Karen as an Executive Level Leadership Business Partner.”

– Felecia Grubbs, Human Resources Professional/Workforce Development Specialist


“I have found working with Karen Andrews to be a delight. She is competent, always well-prepared, considerate and professional.”

– Karen Quinlan Valvo, Partner, Fink & Valvo, PLLC


“Working with Karen Andrews has been wonderful. She stands out in my mind as a person who is willing and able to do the right thing even when it might not be the easiest thing to do. I work with many McKinley employees and whenever I mention Karen’s name you can see the love and admiration they have for her in their eyes. This holds true even down to the lowliest person in McKinley which I see as proof of her great leadership abilities and the beauty of her soul.  Although I am older than Karen in chronological age there is always a part of me that feels like when I grow up I want to be like Karen Andrews. She is capable, kind, talented and intelligent. If she ran for President of the United States I would vote for her without a doubt.”

– Karen Watanabe, Agent for Corporate Accounts, Aflac


“Karen Andrews is one of the most amazing leaders I have had the privilege to work with. Her passion for people comes through in everything she sets in motion, which is why I believe she is so successful. Some of the best advice I have received in my professional career was from Karen during a Rising Star mentoring program. I have never forgotten her advice–it has helped me become a stronger leader…a stronger individual. Every company needs a Karen Andrews.”

– Amy R. Timbers, CPM, Professional Real Estate Executive


“Karen Andrews is the consummate professional, combining broad, system-wide vision with attention to detail. I have the pleasure of working with her in business and in community service and she excels in both. Hard working, loyal, and compassionate, Karen enhances every team and improves every project.”

– James A. Fink, Attorney, Fink & Valvo, PLLC


“Karen is a human resource professional with amazing insight, skill and compassion. Her professionalism is surpassed only slightly by her incredible experience! For any senior level executive managing many director reports in multiple states Karen is a critical business partner. I would recommend Karen for any senior level position.”

– Diana Kern, (former Executive Vice President, NEW), Executive Director, Eversight


“Karen has a brilliant business mind combined with the skills of great leadership. She has an innate ability to create vision that moves the organization in the right direction. She knows exactly what it will take to get there, casts vision to create a fired-up, unified team and then executes the plan with precision.  I’ve had the privilege of working directly for her and also providing service as an outside consultant to her. I would welcome any opportunity to work with her!”

– Kirsten E. Ross, SPHR, MLIR, CEO, Focus Forward Coaching & Recruiting


“Karen is a consummate professional who pays close attention to the details and never loses sight of corporate objectives. She has always placed a significant value on human capital and the results speak for themselves. Her ability to address and resolve ongoing challenges in an efficient and timely manner truly set her apart from the norm.”

– Joe Graham, Consultant, Acrisure


“Karen is a driven, well-thought out businesswoman who has the necessary skills to lead a group of people to do great things. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her on the Board of Directors for the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County and consider her both a top-notch community leader and also a friend.”

– Michael Nisson, President, MDN Holdings, Inc.


“I am very honored to write a recommendation for Karen. I have had the unique opportunity to work directly for Karen for over eight years, and it was an amazing experience. She is one of the most influential people I’ve had in my professional life. She is extremely well versed in Human Resources and Organizational Development, and has been an amazing success throughout her career. She is truly compassionate and does a great deal of non-profit community work serving on various Boards. She is truly a tremendous asset to our business as well as our community!”

– Julie Crichton, PHR, HR Manager, Green Path Financial Wellness