The Princess and Her Frog

The Princess and Her Frog

I am blessed with 2 daughters, healthy and spirited, and diverse in their perspectives on life. One is a Tom Boy, wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, loves video games, Bakugans and Beyblades. The other is a true Princess, would wear a ballgown to school if I let her, and has a passion for anything purple or pink. Imagine my surprise when we encountered a frog living in our swimming pool area and the Tom Boy shrieked and ran away, and The Princess said, “ooohh, she’s so cute!” and proceeded to pick her up.

The frog seemed to either like Caroline (aka “The Princess”), or I guess it is possible it was paralyzed with fear.  It stayed in her hand or on her shoulder, or sometimes crawled up her arm.  She loved it; she giggled when it moved around, and she found great amusement at her sister and my expense.  (Yes, I shrieked and ran away, too.).  She developed such an affinity with the frog that she named it “Sweetie.”

Each day, she goes out by the pool and searches around for her Sweetie frog.  She eventually finds her.  They share a few moments and then each hop off on her way.  And, the only thing I can derive from this is that people, even those you feel you know best, are always full of surprises.  In fact, sometimes, they have passions that truly delight them that you would have not imagined on their behalf.

A pretty wonderful discovery…

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